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  • Tomb of Akhentepi

    [[File:521691 | class=media-item-align-center | ToA.png]] Akhentepi was once a great warrior, whose family was lost to some tragedy. He was interred in his tomb 11 years prior to the Plague of Madness. Little more is known about him.

  • House of Pentheru

    The [[Sand Snakes | Sand Snakes]]' second assigned site is an estate that belonged to the family of a man named Pentheru. Like many minor Osirian nobles, Pentheru owned a section of farmland and was responsible for its administration, overseeing the …

  • Sanctum of the Erudite Eye

    All that is known about this old site, is the [[Order of the Scorched Hand | Order of the Scorched Hand]] has a keen interest in it, and that it's some sort of old shrine or temple. With any luck, the [[Silver Snakes | Silver Snakes]] will come back …

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