Mummy's Mask

Session 4

Into the Depths of House Pentheru

After recuperating in town, and cleansing the supernatural diseases that plagued them, the Silver Snakes returned to the House of Pentheru, intent on getting revenge on the Doru Div “Imanish.” They were able to kill his Vargouille pets, but the Div managed to escape before a mortal blow could be struck. Even prepared, this fight was difficult for the party.

Venturing out into the west yard, towards the sealed tomb, the party ran afoul a colossal whiptail centipede. The beast was ferocious, and filled with deadly poison. Several party members were knocked unconscious, before the insectoid monstrosity was defeated. The party tended their wounds, then proceeded into the crypt undeterred.

Within the tomb’s first sepulcher was hidden an Adherer – a strange creature that bears a striking resemblance to a mummy. Due to it’s damage resistance, the creature withstood their assault for several minutes, before succumbing to it’s wounds. Deeper in the tomb they had to contend with wicked traps, and a swarm of undead hairless mewling cats – but it was all worth it, as the party came upon their first big haul.

Within the Tomb of Pentheru, they discovered a Mummified Guardian, and piles of semi-precious stones, ornate funerary garb, and golden jewelry – altogether worth several hundred gold coins.

They returned to town, traded their haul for coin, and received their next assignment. Their newest expedition site was none other than the Sanctum of the Erudite Eye, the location a rival group had been intent on exploring themselves.


Axiem Axiem

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