Mummy's Mask

Session 2

The Tomb of Akhentepi

It’s a trap!
Gratch and Xenira moved to try to stem the influx of water, while the rest of the party did battle with the animated sarcophagus. One by one they fell to the crushing blows of the animate stone horror, as the water rose to a height of 2 feet… and then slowly stopped rising. It would seem the level of the river had changed since the creation of this tomb. All hope seemed lost, as the party members fell one by one to the monster, until finally Resnick landed the killing blow.

As the dust settled, and the waters drained, Aisha, Gratch, and Umie lay broken, and drowned. The rest unconscious, apart from Resnick. It was a bittersweet victory over the deathtrap – and with no treasure to show for it. The remnants of the group bandaged themselves up, and dragged themselves back to town to recuperate, recruit new allies, and get their new tomb assignment.

While in town recruiting new allies, they meet some rival teams while at the Tooth & Hookah: The Dog Soldiers, the Daughters of the Desert, the Sand Scorpions, The Cryptfinders, and the Order of the Scorched Hand. They discover that each group has had successes, and losses – much like their own. Each team is gritting their teeth and preparing for their second expedition. Velriana Hypaxes was asking around, inquiring about something called “The Erudite Eye,” but nobody seemed to have any information for her.

The following day they received their second lottery. They would be venturing into the House of Pentheru next. Hopefully their fortunes would fare better this time.


Axiem Axiem

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