Lesit Vakut

Cleric of Bokrug


Chaotic Neutral
Storm and Hatred Domains.
Wields a ranseur.


Born in the mountains to a cleric mother and a scoundrel father, Lesit’s early life was uneventful, until nearing her sixth birthday, her father, in an attempt to relieve himself of a gambling debt, made a deal with a fiend in exchange for some of his daughter’s vitality. This was, understandably, a Not Good Thing, especially in the eyes of Lesit’s mother, who fled from her husband, taking her young daughter with her.

Unable to cure her daughter’s problem, her mother begin to groom her into a cleric, hoping that perhaps faith and a devout upbringing would lead to the gods showing her favor and curing her. This strict upbringing left Lesit with a charming naivety and barely any real knowledge to speak of, while, at the same time, gave her an insanely single-minded devotion to her goals. She would please her mother and the gods, and she would find a way to cure herself.

Her father eventually tracked the two of them down, determined to see his daughter and wife, but both refused him, and in a drunken stupor proceeded to tell the entire village that he’d sold his own child to become the bride of a powerful devil in exchange for power. This angered the villagers, believing Lesit and her mother to be liars sent to corrupt their peaceful hamlet. They set themselves on Lesit and her mother, but Lesit managed to escape, and watched from afar as her mother was killed.

From that moment on, the single-minded dedication that Lesit’s mother had instilled in her became focused on another goal- finding her father (who had fled when he realized what his drunken ranting had caused) and get vengeance on him for what he did to her and what he caused to happen to her mother. Turning away from her mother’s god, she became a cleric of Bokrug, hoping that serving him would provide her with the necessary fortitude and skills she’d need to get her revenge.

She began to travel, and knowing her father was a thief and constantly on the look-out for expensive and beautiful things to steal and resell for his own gain, took an interest in appraisal, hoping that by making a name for herself as a proprietor of rare and expensive goods, she might gain his attention, though she lacked the brains and forethought to do more than simply collect and resell. Frustrated that her attempts had been fruitless thus far, she made her way to Wati, hoping her father would be among the people taking part in the lottery.

Her first party met with disaster, though she met two allies in the process- a gnome bard named Tindi Jinxfizzle and a Tiefling magus named Nava- and the three of them abandoned their remaining party to a slaughter, escaping back to Wati, where, recovering from (and lying vehemently about) their first mission, they met the remaining members of another party, and agreed to join them. Even though Lesit, being dumber than a box of hammers about social norms, nearly alienated Quazzle and Xenira by commenting on their bizarre appearances.

Lesit Vakut

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