Mummy's Mask

Session 3

Welcome to the Haunted Pentheru Estate

The Silver Snakes filled their missing ranks, and proceeded to their second tomb – The House of Pentheru. This aged mansion was sacked and the family killed during the plague of madness that nearly wiped The City of Wati off the map.

They were immediately met by a haunt – the dead angry spirits yet linger in this old home. They were able to placate the gate spirit, and explored the east yard partially. There, they found a hideous hell-borne dog with two heads. Their bard Tindi Jinxfizzle became frightened, and fled into the house. Seeking her out, the party found a still-functioning magical spa. It would have been more relaxing, were it not for the headless corpse in the adjacent privy.

Venturing onward, they came across another haunt and some skeletons in the Foyer. With some difficulty, they were able to beat down the risen dead, and placate the angry spirits. They seemed to be poorly equipped to deal with hell-dogs and skeletons – their steel blades would prove even less effective against their next enemy, the Sandman living in the estate courtyard. His magics put half the part to sleep, before he began to playfully slam into the nearest targets. Fortunately, the very territorial creature had no interest in chasing them, as they fled.

Not to be deterred – the Silver Snakes ventured into the upper level of the estate, drawing the attention of a pair of Vargoiulles, and a Doru Div named Imanish. He traded Nava the key to the family catacombs, in exchange for two of her allies as slaves. The deal was immediately broken, and a fight broke out between the flying head monsters, and the Silver Snakes. They fled the house, their weapons having little effect on the supernatural creatures.

Many of their party had suffered the curse of the Vargouille’s kiss, and were already losing some of their hair. They traded all of their collected wealth with Sebti the Crocodile in exchange for her Divine magics to heal their diseased allies. They also purchased a variety of cold iron weaponry, and bludgeoning weapons. They resolved to be more prepared for the dead and the supernatural when next they entered the haunted estate. At least nobody had died in this old tomb… yet…


Axiem Axiem

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