Mummy's Mask

Session 1

The Lottery

The Lottery

The party gathered in the city of Wati for various reasons related to the opening of the famed Necropolis. The Silver Snakes were registered with the Church of Pharasma as an official team of Osirionoligists and Tomb Explorers. The lottery was performed by the high priestess of the Pharasmins, Sebti the Crocodile, and the Silver Snakes drew the Tomb of Akhentepi as their first expedition.

The Rules

The priests of the Grand Mausoleum expect groups exploring sites within the necropolis to follow three basic rules, as mentioned by High Priestess Sebti the Crocodile in her speech during the opening ceremony.

Remember How This Came to Pass: The Plague of Madness was unleashed upon the city of Wati while religious authorities were engaged in infighting. This rule is a reminder that the necropolis remains a holy place, and those who engage in needless conflict and banditry are not only criminals, but accursed.

Every Slave’s Hut Is a Memorial: Every structure within the necropolis is a testament to the people who lived and died in the city. Explorers must not desecrate or vandalize standing structures and tombs, but preserve them as the memorials they were intended to be. Some structures may be trapped or decrepit, but willful and unnecessary destruction will not be tolerated.

Honor the Departed: The dead should be treated with dignity and respect. If the interred need to be disturbed to recover an antiquity or relic, they should be returned to their resting places carefully. It is understood that the ancient dead are often brittle, but there is no need for the contents of a sarcophagus to be summarily dumped on the ground. This rule does not apply to the undead or other abominations.

Failure to comply with these rules can result in, but is not limited to, expulsion from the necropolis, a ban on continued exploration, seizure of recovered valuables, and arrest and prosecution by local authorities .

The Commotion

Aisha lingered after the lottery to eavesdrop on some commotion caused by Velriana Hypaxes of the Order of the Scorched Hand. Her organization was quite irate at the randomness of the lottery system, seemingly intent on exploring a specific site holy to Nethys.

The First Expedition

Reaching the Tomb of Akhentepi, the party found the seal to have been once cracked by a crowbar. They heaved the heavy doors open, and rolled a stone door out of the way, to be met with a long climb down into the tomb. Raziya lost her grip of the rope, and fell a full 50 feet, landing unconscious at the tomb entrance. As the party hastened to her and applied some healing, they found a nearby corpse that had shared the same fate.

Pressing onward, the adjacent hall was trap-laden, and many party members were ventilated with sharp darts. Proceeding southward, they ran afoul a cursed mirror which branded some of them with marks reading “Theif” in ancient Osiriani. They slew a pair of wicked Solifugids, and had a hard battle against an elemental Sandling.

Their luck would not improve, as they entered a large ceremonial room with a sarcophagus. Approaching the relic triggered a foul trap which sealed them within the room, as electricity arced wildly from the dais, and the sarcophagus rose up as an animated object intent on punishing these grave-robbers. To make matters worse, a faux exit on the far side opened to reveal a cascade of water from the nearby river!


Axiem Axiem

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